Glass Mosaic Tile in a Meridian-Kessler Master Bath Renovation

A Glass Mosaic Mural in a Master Bath Remodel

Over the years we’ve installed 10s of thousands of square feet of glass mosaic tile in our remodeling projects. It’s a beautiful material and comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes–from monochromatic textures to colored blends to large patterns and murals. This particular project featured a mosaic pattern from Italian glass manufacturer Bisazza. The space was designed by MWHarris.

The master bath remodel was part of a whole house renovation in a Meridian-Kessler home built in 1921. I’ll place a link here eventually to pictures of the remainder of that whole house project. In the mean time, here is a time lapse video of the installation on the radius Victoria+Albert tub alcove:

Bisazza “Summer Flowers”

The product is the “Summer Flowers” mosaic mural from Bisazza. The pattern consists of “A” and “B” panels which are alternated left to right to create the mural effect. Each panel is made up of 27, 12″x12″ numbered sheets (3 sheets wide, and 9 sheets high). It comes in two color options:

Bisazza Summer Flowers Glass Mosaic Tile

Photos of the completed master bath glass mosaic tile

This master bath was designed by MWHarris




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