Master Bath Expansion Renovation Indianapolis

Forrest Hills Bath Addition, National CotY Winner

Making Room for a New Master Bath

Design by MWHarris

This master bath remodeling project was completed in the Forest Hills neighborhood, near Broad Ripple, on the North side of Indianapolis. WrightWorks won a 2010 NARI National Contractor of the Year Award for the project, in the category of Residential Baths $30,000 to $60,000.

Special thanks go to our very gracious clients, designer Matt Harris, and our team members for their outstanding work.

NARI’s CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards are presented to members who demonstrate outstanding work through their remodeling projects. A panel of judges, comprised of contractors, architects and editors from across the country, evaluate projects on the basis of superior craftsmanship, meeting the needs of the client, innovation and overcoming obstacles.

Regional winners are chosen in each of the 27 categories, and from there, judges choose a national winner that best exemplifies the criteria for the category.

2010 National CotY Award WrightWorks LLC

Forest Hills, Indianapolis Master Bath Addition

When we started, this charming older home had lots of character but only a tiny bath on the second floor—which had been added many years ago to a cramped attic space. The owners loved their home, but wanted a true master bath. Finding space for a modern master bath in an old home is typically very challenging. Unfortunately, there was no space to be repurposed from any of the adjacent bedrooms or storage closets. To accomplish their goals, Matt Harris designed a bath renovation that would expand an existing shed dormer. This gave us the space to build the master bath these homeowners really needed to keep from having to look for another home.



  1. Remove the existing attic bath, roof section, and shed dormer siding and trim.
  2. Frame a new master bath over the existing footprint of the first floor, extending the shed roof to cover it.
  3. Install new exterior trim, siding, and roof.
  4. Bring new plumbing supplies and drains from the basement to service the bath, and relocate the vent stacks through the new roof section.
  5. Build a custom shower, water closet, and dual vanity in the new space.[/box]


  1. The roof over the existing shed dormer had deflected 2” in the middle and was over-spanned. This had to be made flat and supported by interior members braced to load bearing walls.
  2. The over hang which was to be kept on the opposite side of the dormer was found to be very poorly built from it’s original construction and had also deflected significantly. We removed it completely and built a new, properly supported and trimmed overhang.
  3. The siding on the same side as the sagging overhang had been severely damaged by the last re-roof. The roofers had cut the bottom of the siding up from the roof line for flashing and installed a 1x trim over the gap that wasn’t the proper depth. The siding was split in several places from their work and someone had done a very sloppy caulk job. While we would have preferred to have kept the original siding and trim, we had to remove and replace it to make it sound.
  4. The original framing of the floor members in the space were of sufficient size, but had settled significantly out of level.  We had to sister each one to level the floor for the new bath.[/box]

Master Bath Remodel and Expansion, Before and After:

Forest Hills Indianapolis Master Bath Remodel Before and After Interior
The view from the hall
Forest Hills Indianapolis Master Bath Remodel Exterior Before and After
The existing stair hall dormer was expanded to create a true master bath in this Forest Hills home

Forest Hills Master Bath Remodel Gallery:



  • 12”x24” slate, laid in a stacked pattern with 3”x6” and 1”x1” marble stripes
  • Lacava dual vanity with wall faucet bridge
  • Caesarstone counter, shower curb, bench and jamb
  • Toto dual flush toilet
  • Custom frameless shower door
  • Dual Moen ShowHouse shower valves and vanity faucets.
  • Andersen 200 series double hung window
  • Restoration Hardware sconces and accessories
  • Kohler recessed mirrored medicine cabinets [/squarelist]

Forest Hills Indianapolis Master Bath Remodel Shower

Thanks to Matt’s stunning design and our award winning team of craftsmen, the once cramped bathroom is now the envy of the block and the owners got exactly what they wanted out of the renovation: a true Master Bath.



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