Carmel Kitchen Remodeling Rescue

Carmel Kitchen Rescue: Story and Photos

Carmel Kitchen Remodel Faucet and BacksplashSometimes it’s a dishonest contractor.

Sometimes it’s a DIY project gone wrong.

Sometimes, as in this case, it’s a contractor in over his head.

Over the years I’ve been asked to rescue a number of projects that were going down the wrong path for one reason or another. When this client first called me, they’d just let their original contractor go after seeing things were not coming together the way they should.

A Kitchen Remodel Headed Down the Wrong Road

Design by Christopher Wright, CR

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his kitchen renovation was to be the culmination of many years of planning and dreaming for these homeowners. With a file full of magazine pages and a pretty clear vision for what they wanted, they’d placed their trust in a home center designer and a contractor referred to them by a friend.

The road to ugly is paved with good intentions–and while the contractor “was a nice guy”, he had no business renovating a kitchen. His work was sloppy and his approach to installing the cabinetry was a disaster. While the overall design was serviceable, there were a number of small issues that were quickly adding up to average… dull… “wonky”.

Kitchens are complex beasts. Without an experienced mind at the helm, it’s easy for minor mistakes to creep in at the early stages which can cause major problems (and $$$ expense) later on. Even a stock kitchen, as these cabinets were, can look high end with a little bit of extra care and a few selective custom elements.

The Remodeling Mess Before We Began
The previous contractor left quite a mess in his wake.

These Carmel homeowners wanted a sleek, modern kitchen with a more open floor plan. What they were getting was a nightmare. They fired their contractor and went looking for someone to bring their project back on track.

Fortunately, we came along at just the right time to rescue their kitchen design and renovation and deliver an amazing result.

Our Goals for These Carmel Homeowners:

We set out to rescue their kitchen project by correcting the mistakes of the previous contractor and applying a little creative planning and design to transform their purchased materials into their vision and dream. We needed to deliver a high end look, while making the best of what they’d already purchased.

Key Challenges to this “Wonky” Carmel Kitchen Design and Remodeling Project:


  • The previous contractor made a complete mess. We had to remove most of his work and start over
  • The designer and showroom they sourced the cabinetry from had put together a very poor design
  • We had to be sensitive to the choices and materials already onsite
  • [/squarelist]

The WrightWorks Remodeling Remedy


  • Remove the improperly installed cabinetry and clean up the mess
  • Remove the bad patches and properly repair the hardwoods
  • Correct improperly installed plumbing and electrical work
  • Re-install cabinetry and improve design with selective custom site-built trim details (wine cube, floating shelves, custom knee and end panels for peninsula)
  • Help the owners with their remaining finish selections by extending the help of our fantastic vendors and trade partners
  • Put on the finishing touches with new Caesarstone counters and a gorgeous glass mosaic backsplash






  • Kraftmaid cabinets—birch with pewter glaze
  • Sonoma Vahara glass mosaic tile, with SpectraLock epoxy grout
  • Caesarstone main counters, marble accessory counters and wall cap
  • Delta Grail faucet
  • KitchenAid appliances



Rescued: A Carmel Kitchen Design and Remodeling Success

The end result exceeded our client’s expectations—not only for the finished space, but also for the experience we delivered during the project.

In the owner’s own words:


…WrightWorks came in and, wire by wire, board by board, pipe by pipe, nail by nail, coat by coat, and tile by tile, transformed our gutted and mangled space into a gorgeous, usable kitchen…During the process of materials selection, he connected us to helpful and knowledgeable suppliers who came alongside me in my trepidation and indecision to create the beautiful space that existed only in my mind.

When friends and family enter our new kitchen for the first time, they are wowed. The space truly is visually arresting. Cleaning the breakfast dishes, preparing morning tea, or cooking dinner in the lovely room, regrets vanish. It is a vision, Chris Wright brought my vision to life. He rode in on a horse and, restoring order to chaos, transformed a heartbreaking disaster into a dazzling, peaceful heart of our home. We cannot thank you enough…


Thank You!

Special thanks to all of our team members and trade partners who worked hard to make this project a success. Thanks also to our very gracious clients for placing their trust in us to deliver on their dreams.


You can read the client’s blog about this project here:



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  1. Tricia
    April 25, 2011

    I love the sink! We have a corner sink and I was unsure of how it would look. After looking at your photo’s, in my opinion this was done right!

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  5. laviza
    July 23, 2012

    Hi this looks fabulous!
    I am interested in caeserstone as well – but concerned about the comments/negatives reviews regarding pitting, staining, etc.

    I also love the vihara backsplash, but its mighty expensive. anything come to mind that I can substitute?

  6. Bruce McMurdie
    September 2, 2013

    I am trying to do something very similar with a microwave on a shelf. Could you please provide some details as to model/size of the microwave and shelf depth? I need to show my design team (contractor & cabinet maker) that this can be done beautifully! Thanks.

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