WrightWorks Remodeling You Can Get There From Here

Indy Remodeler Chris Wright Profiled @RemodelingOnline

Remodeling Magazine Web Columnist Rick Provost

You Can Get There From Here

by Rick Provost

In an old joke, the great classical pianist Arthur Rubinstein is asked, “Pardon me, sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” He replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” This advice would be well-taken by anyone wondering how they can reach their goals, whether personal or business.

For one member of Remodeling’s Big50 class of 2010, his journey in life and work confirmed the truth in Rubenstein’s apocryphal wisdom. Chris Wright, the owner of WrightWorks in Indianapolis, spent years accruing the skills for success and then building a business that is now swamped with repeat work and referrals; a business that has won three regional and one national CotY awards, and two Chrysalis awards this year…sort of the remodeler’s version of getting to Carnegie Hall.

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