Whole House and Multi-Space Renovations

Indianapolis Whole House Remodeling Restoration Renovation ContractorThe average remodeling project here in the Greater Indianapolis and Carmel area usually involves the renovation of a single space—bathroom renovations, kitchen expansions, sunroom remodels, etc. Updating any of these major spaces can definitely have a big impact on how your home looks and feels.

But you may have a much larger project in mind—such as a whole home transformation or multi-space renovation.  A well designed and executed whole home renovation, historic restoration, or multi-space remodel gives you the chance to create a unique and special statement with the place you live. Such projects have a much more signification impact on the character of your home and on the lifestyle you enjoy while you live there.

WrightWorks has extensive experience in large scale renovations and restorations, in homes of every age and size. From turn of the century historic, to mid-century modern, to homes built more recently, we’ve built dozens of large scale projects here in the Greater Indianapolis and Carmel area.

Already Working with and Architect or Designer?

WrightWorks is a home remodeling contractor known for collaborations with some of Indy’s most talented architects and designers.

I was fortunate to learn early in my career how much of an impact professional design can have on the quality of our finished projects. It’s the difference between a client being ‘satisfied’ with your work and being completely and totally in love with it. I want the things we build to be functionally and aesthetically beautiful. While we do have our own in-house design services, we regularly partner with a number of local showrooms and design firms. As each project presents its own challenges, I work very hard for my clients and design partners to help them find just the right balance of form, function, and budget.

-Christopher Wright, CR

If you’re already working with an architect or designer, WrightWorks is the contractor you’re looking for to bring their design to life.

North Meridian Street Indianapolis Home Addition Remodeling Contractor
A Whole House Renovation with Addition, Designed by MWHarris and built by WrightWorks.
Located in the North Meridian Street Historic District of Indianapolis.

Design-Build Remodeling

If you’re contemplating a major project and don’t yet have a designer–we can help. With in-house design-build services, and relationships with some of Indy’s finest architects and designers, we can help you build the project team to best meet your needs. Balancing form, function, and budget–we’ll help you transform your home and transform your life.

Home Renovation in Phases

While it’s usually best for you to move out during an extensive renovation, we recognize that sometimes it’s not always possible. For that reason, many of our clients elect to have their projects planned and executed in phases.

However, especially in the case of an a older home, it may be best for your sanity and health to move out while your project is under way. It will also make the project go much faster.

Decisions, Decisions

Every renovation, however large or small, comes with a multitude of decisions to make—from architectural and layout considerations, to design and finish selections.  A whole house or multi-space project can come with a number of other considerations we will also help you navigate:

Infrastructure and Mechanical System Considerations
Structural Challenges
Energy Efficiency
Home Technology—security, lighting control, smart device solutions, audio/video distribution, etc.
Home Health Considerations—Air quality, aging-in-place design, accessibility, etc.

We know that every project has a budget, no matter how large. We’ll help you navigate all of the options available to you, and put the right information in your hands during the planning process.

Some of Our Other Whole House Renovation and Restoration Projects:

From planning and design, to materials selections, to your completely transformed new home–we’ll help you navigate the infinite choices and decisions you will face during your major home renovation here in the Indianapolis and Carmel area.

If you’re ready to start planning your project, take the first step and give us a call or fill out our contact form. Just click on the link below and we’ll take it from there. We look forward to serving you and your home!

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